EXPO-PLU$/Convention Cancellation Insurance

EXPO-PLU$/Convention Cancellation Insurance  


At a Glance

This protects your organization from financial losses caused by fire, collapse or destruction of the convention site; strikes involving labor, transportation and services; adverse weather, such as blizzards, floods, tornados, hurricanes—even earthquakes and power failures. Any insured description that results in a partial loss due to reduced attendance or forces you to cancel, postpone, curtail or abandon your meeting is covered. 

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Benefit Features:

  • Cancellation, curtailment, postponement, removal to alternative premises or abandonment including enforced reduced attendance to an ongoing event.
  • Terrorism Coverage for cancellation, curtailment, postponement or abandonment of an event. Customized options available for your event.
  • Strikes involving labor, service or transportation results in a reduced attendance or forces you to cancel, postpone, curtail or abandon your event is covered to the full limit of indemnity.
  • Blanket policy issued for all your scheduled events.
  • Automatic coverage for smaller events under $125,000 budgeted gross revenue and/or expenses during the policy term.
  • $200,000 All Risks Personal Property at the event site, including while in transit to and from the event site and $200,000 Physical Loss of Door Receipts.
  • Enforced Reduced Attendance of the Attendees, Exhibitors, etc.
  • Non-Appearance of a Principal Speaker or the like provided that in the case of an entertainer the performance is not the principal purpose of the event. 

If your organization has numerous meetings or conferences scheduled throughout the year, we can arrange to have a single policy issued for ALL events which will save you premium dollars.

EXPO-PLU$ Event Cancellation Insurance Plan

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Answers about the plan, including eligibility, options, enrollment, customer service and more.

  • Why do I need to insure my event or meeting?

    Have you ever considered what would happen if your event had to be cancelled, because of a fire, or the collapse of the convention center or meeting hall, because of an airline strike or hotel workers, strike, because of a flood, blizzard, tornado, hurricane or earthquake? When you consider the revenue generated by your convention, you realize how vulnerable you are to unpredictable circumstances—circumstances beyond your control.
  • What is covered by the EXPO-PLU$ Plan?

    The plan provides comprehensive coverage for the cancellation, postponement, abandonment and curtailment of your event or meeting, including removal to alternative premises and enforced reduced attendance. It even pays for your financial loss due to enforced reduced attendance resulting from, for example, a snowstorm, airline strike or earthquake. The ExopPlu$ Plan also provides coverage for non-appearance of principal speakers who contribute to the success of your event. In the event of an emergency when you are unable to vacate the convention center or meeting hall center as planned, the EXPO-PLU$ Plan pays for the additional expenses. The EXPO-PLU$ Plan provides all-risk protection for your organization’s personal property going to and from and while at your convention up to $200,000. Coverage for theft of on-site registration receipts, up to $200,000.
  • How much insurance do I need?

    To make certain you are fully covered in the event of a claim, it is important you consider all of your event-related revenues, commitments and expenditures. Your insurance should include your out-of-pocket expenses in organizing the event ? it should also include those financial commitments you are responsible for in case your event is cancelled ? it should also include the income you expect to generate from the even above and beyond your expenses.
  • When is the best time to apply for event cancellation insurance?

    Right now! Most event planners apply for the EXPO-PLU$ Plan while they are preparing their even budget. That enables them to include the modest cost of this insurance is in their budget.

    If your budget is already prepared, apply immediately. You probably have already incurred expenses for your next event or meeting. Therefore, you should be insuring those expenses, now! The cost of this coverage still fits into a well-planned budget.
  • What is not covered?

    The policy cannot provide coverage for lack of support of the event or the financial failure of any party. Standard exclusions such as war, radioactive contamination and circumstances of which you are currently aware are not covered.
  • Is this the broadest coverage available?

    Absolutely! EXPO-PLU$ was specifically designed to provide all of the protection needed to insure against the cancellation, postponement or curtailment or an even or meeting. No other policy is available in this form. It is being offered exclusively through AMBA.
  • Would any of my other insurance policies cover the cancellation of my event?

    No. EXPO-PLU$ is a unique policy specifically designed for event planners. Each policy can be tailor-made to meet your individual needs. Most policies do not include such important coverage as: strikes, earthquake, power failure, gas leak, airline cancellation, sickness and/or disease (except where travel advisories apply), failure to vacate the event premises, non-appearance of a principle speaker, enforced reduced attendance of the attendees and exhibitors at your exhibitions and trade shows, and coverage for your personal property or event receipts.